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International Creative Writing Competition

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On Saturday and Sunday, March 15 and 16, over 150 students and professionals took part in the annual Peace Corps Write On! International Creative Writing Competition at the Khovd Central Public Library. Secondary school and university students, as well as local English teachers, were given 60 minutes to write a creative English essay based on surprise prompts. Essay questions aimed to stimulate writers’ imaginations and inspire artistic responses. How would you respond to questions like: “Pretend that you have been shrunk down to the size of an ant for a day. What do you do and see?” “You've been in a coma for 30 years. You wake up in the year 2044. Describe what the world is like.” or “You are one of the first settlers on Mars. You have lived there for one year. Write about your first year.

8th-10th grade students (left) and 11th grade, university, and professionals (right) hard at work.

The Write On! competition began in 2006 in Georgia and quickly gained popularity in the Caucasus region, with Armenia and Azerbaijan joining to form the Trans-Caucasus Writing Olympics in 2009. By 2011, countries throughout Europe and Central Asia, including Mongolia, were participating allowing thousands of young writers a chance to showcase their creative talents. Students from Khovd aimag have always had a strong showing in the top national rankings, and two students from Khovd (B. Yundermaa and V. Narangerel) placed at the international level in last year’s competition.

B. Yundermaa (2013 international winner) with Peace Corps Volunteers

               The winning essays of this year’s competition in Khovd will be sent to Ulaanbaatar where they will compete against the top essay submissions from 8 other aimags in Mongolia. The winning submissions at the national level will then be forwarded to the International Committee where they will be judged against students’ writings from the Ethiopia, Lesotho, Morocco, Ghana, Madagascar, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Bulgaria, Albania, Moldova, Philippines, China, Micronesia, Cambodia, and Panama.

The winners of this year’s Khovd Aimag, Write On! Competition:

Winners of this year’s Write On! International Creative Writing Competition with Peace Corps Volunteers and organizers from the Department of Education and the American Center.

Secondary School

   6th Grade

1st Kh. Dashnyam—Progress

2nd M. Khalium—Tsast Altai Complex School Second

3rd B. Monktuul—Tsast Altai Complex School

     7th Grade

1st   M. Misheel—Progress

2nd U. Batkhurel—Progress

3rd P. Bat-Erdene—Progress

     8th Grade

1st   B. Jamtsaa—Progress

2nd B. Michidmaa—Progress

3rd T. Bayartsetseg—Seventh School

   9th Grade

1st N. Solongo—Progress

2nd B. Amgalanbaatar—First School

3rd G. Ganmaral—Sixth School

     10th Grade

1st O. Dulamsuren—Progress

2nd T. Hosbileg—Progress

3rd G. Buyankhishig—Progress

   11th Grade

1st   B. Yundermaa—Progress

2nd T.Belgutei—Progress

3rd   T.Delgermaa—Progress


     Second Year

1st Marziya

2nd Lkhaijav

3rd K. Marjan

     Third Year

1st Oyunbileg

     Four Year

1st D. Altanbileg


1st D.Lkhamzaya—Progress School

2nd Z.Buyankhishig—Progress School

3rd B.Kharashash—Progress School

The Peace Corps Volunteers of Khovd aimag are grateful for the support of the Khovd Central Public Library, the American Center, the Department of Education, and Khovd’s English language teachers. We would especially like to thank all of the students and teachers who shared their creativity by participating in the competition. We would also like to extend special recognition to the 16 students of Erdeneburen soum and thank them for their fantastic submissions. We hope to see more soum students represented in next year’s competition. For more information please see a Peace Corps Volunteer or M. Berdgul, Officer-in-Charge of Foreign Languages and Technology Training, Department of Education and Culture of Khovd Aimag.



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